The FREE Hong Kong Expat Guide

Welcome to the free guide that will open your eyes to the city of Hong Kong.

The possibilities are endless.

This is the first step to your new life. As current expats, we remember the initial uncertainties, fears, and doubts that led us to create this guide. It not only provides information compiled from reputable sources and firsthand experience, but ties it all together and puts it in terms of people like us. Use this guide to find out where to meet new people, play your favorite sports, or chill out at nights and even how to survive on the streets. If you’re looking for something to connect all the dots and turn your anxiety into anticipation, follow the easy steps to downloading this free guide. You’re just a click away!

Included in this guide:

  • Hong Kong’s history
  • Stats, facts, and useful tips
  • A cultural briefing
  • Weather and transportation
  • The expat community and international schools
  • Visas and banking
  • Where to live and how much it costs
  • Health care, taxes, insurance, and investments

The more you get to know Hong Kong, the more you’ll love it. Trust us.

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FREE Hong Kong Expat Guide Download

Download this free PDF to use as a guide for the tallest and most vibrant city in the world. You’re in for the time of your life.

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